Here is a collection of Lego resources I’ve gathered, and want to make sure they can be easily found.

I’m a member of the Magic City Lego Users Group. We are based in Birmingham, Alabama. If you want to learn more you can see our website here. A better place to keep track of up to date events and meetings can be seen here on Facebook.

We are always looking for excited people that enjoy Lego to join us. Come to a meeting and see what we are like.

Not in Birmingham, and interested in a Lego User Group? Here is a searchable map.


Lego games to play:

What is the best way to pack a cup from the Lego Pick a Brick wall? It all depends upon what brick you are looking for. A spiral stack allows for the greatest number of bricks packed into a cup. I did that here with 1x2s. The only downside is the amount of time it takes to pack a cup in this manner.
Packing 711 1x2s in a PAB Cup

There is another method, while time consuming, but not as bad as the spiral technique, that involves making solid blocks of bricks.

Video coming soon.

Micropolis how-to videos